The European Film Agency Directors group (EFAD) was established in May 2002 at the instigation of the UK Film Council and the Centre National de la Cinématographie (the national film agency for France). It is an informal network of the directors of the national film agencies of the 27 member states of the European Union plus Iceland, Norway and Switzerland. EFAD is a framework for collaboration, co-ordination and exchanges of ideas on issues of common interest with regard to European audiovisual policy. One of its main tasks is the co-ordination and representation of common interests vis-à-vis the European Union, especially the Directorate General Competition.

In order to achieve its aims, EFAD initiated several working groups on specific topics such as e.g. digitisation. The most important working group, which is under Austrian presidency, deals with the topic of state aids and their legal admissibility in the context of European law.