Tasks and Aims

The Austrian Film Institute is a federal institution established to provide funding for Austrian films with regard to cultural and economic aspects. The provided funding aims particularly at strengthening the Austrian film industry and the creative-artistic quality of Austrian film which is a prerequisite for its success in Austria and abroad. It is a legal entity under public law and its registered office is located in Vienna. The financial year of the Film Institute is the calendar year.

Film funding aims at

a) supporting the production, dissemination and marketing of Austrian films which seem likely to achieve both audience approval and international recognition, thereby enhancing the economic viability, quality, autonomy and cultural identity of Austrian film productions,
b) supporting the cultural, economic and international aspects of the Austrian film industry, especially by measures aimed at developing new talent and by drafting an annual film industry report,
c) improving the international orientation of Austrian film and, hence, the basis for the dissemination and market-oriented exploitation of Austrian films in Austria and its economic and cultural impact at international level, particularly by supporting the presentation of Austrian film domestically and abroad,
d) supporting Austrian-international co-productions,
e)supporting co-operation between the film industry and television providers to strengthen Austrian cinema films,
f) working towards a harmonisation and coordination of film funding between the Federal and "Länder" levels (regional funding).

It is the task of the Film Institute to achieve the named aims by appropriate measures in accordance with the means available, especially by granting funds or by providing professional-organisational help within the frame of a centre of expertise. For this purpose, the Film Institute particularly provides funding for the production of films either based on the project principle or on performance basis (reference film funding).

Moreover, the Film Institute may also participate in film promoting measures of third parties provided that no cash resources of the Film Institute are used for that purpose. This also refers to actions in the field of movies which arise from Austria’s membership in an international or supranational organisation. The duty of the Film Institute also involves advising the Federal Government and other public institutions on important questions referring to Austrian film by representing the interests of the film industry and by contributing to the harmonization of measures in the area of film within and outside the European Union.